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CapyMagi World

Play, Explore, Earn and Own with CapyMagi
CapyMagi is a Web3 Play-to-Own MMORPG with amazing non-trivial gameplay. Our main focus is to build a real game economy driven by the players and provide captivating game content.
Battle, farm, trade, explore the world, and receive points to get a place in season leaderboards!
Feel the real power of Play-to-Own with CapyMagi. Convert your time into an unforgettable gaming experience and tradable NFTs (resources, tools, skins, and playable characters).
Our mission is to create a Web3 game with amazing and captivating gameplay. We’re going to bring the Play-to-Earn CapyMagi to the masses!
Disclaimer: CapyMagi 's priorities, roadmaps, and features are subject to change based on research, traction, and feedback from the community as well as a number of other factors. We believe that flexibility will allow us to deliver a high-quality product.
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